Savanna Luraschi - Testimonials

Savanna always listened carefully and intently to any MBSR student who needed clarification or direction. Whether it be an answer to a question, or a considered comment, she would respond with a kind, loving and deeply introspective and informed response. I learned a great deal about MBSR through her deep knowledge and committed instruction, as well as having her as a truly great example of elegant composure and grace.
- Lisa, participant in 2010

In January 2011, I signed up for an eight week MBSR course with Jon and Savanna and I will never regret it. MBSR helped me to learn how to be in the present moment; to calm down, to relax and live my life differently. But without thehelp and the loving kindness of Savanna the class would have been totally different. Thanks to her sharing her experience, her advice, her encouragement, her listening, her teaching, this class changed my life. There is a before and after the course. Savanna is a wonderful teacher, guide and human being.
- Celine, participant in 2011

From the first session of our MBSR course, I noticed that Savanna Luraschi was a talented teacher. After students expressed thoughts or difficult situations, Savanna had a gift for following them up. Her words were carefully chosen and she was gentle and direct at the same time. Sometimes I wanted to close my eyes to listen to her ideas because she expressed them poetically and clearly. Her guidance made sense. She always helped us to find a way to put into words our views without imposing herself. Her questions allowed all of us to reflect and to deepen into sensitive issues. Savanna's class didn't lack humor. We laughed together in every class and sometimes also cried. During our eight weeks together, we got to know each other better. Savanna was key in helping us to strengthen our relationships. We built trust in each other week after week. At the end of the course, I felt sad to leave this fantastic group of people, both teachers and students. Savanna made me want to go every Thursday evening to our shared space. I will never forget those weeks of learning with the mind and heart. Savanna, thanks so much for your efforts, your words, your understanding and your determination to help each of one of us in our lives!
- Reme, participant in 2012

I cannot recommend Savanna more. I was not only new to MBSR, but new to any kind of meditation and found Savanna to be an outstanding kind and effective teacher. Working with her helped me to truly implement the MBSR practices into my everyday life and has led to positive results.
- Nicole, participant in 2012

After an inspiring meditation retreat in California, I signed up for my first MBSR course in New York. My hope was to obtain support for continued practice, and maintain my sense of well-being. Savanna and Jon were complementary teachers, both contributing to a calm, organized and supported progress through the MBSR curriculum. But over the course of the eight weeks, I came to appreciate particularly and look forward to Savanna's unique insights - she seemed always to have the ability to turn our perceptions of a situation around with humor, gentleness and wisdom. Her quick wit is paired with deep understanding; her lightheartedness with great empathy. Savanna clearly is committed to her practice and to supporting her students. I can't wait to sign up again.
- Charlotte, participant in 2012