Jim Handlin Testimonials

I found the MBSR class that I took with Jim was life changing.  His guidance and instruction helped me develop skills through which I learned a great deal about myself. Jim’s ability to transmit what he understands about mindfulness helped me understand obstacles to which I had become unnecessarily habituated and I found his genuine love and passion for teaching to be singular. –Lisa

Jim’s enthusiasm and encouragement stand out in my mind. By sharing his long commitment to mindful meditating and yoga with us, I was able to appreciate the value of practicing MBSR. Jim has the ability to understand what we, as beginners, are experiencing; this includes the awkwardness and occasional embarrassment involved in trying these practices for the first time. His gentle manner and encouragement helped me quickly feel comfortable with these new concepts. Much to my delight, I learned that I needn’t be a “gymnast” in order to practice mindful yoga. And with his encouragement, I was even willing to “roar” in the lion pose! –Melanie

Jim’s personal experience with the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as Jim’s knowledge of the seminal teaching upon which the work is based is extensive. Experiencing yoga led by Jim, I experienced the gift of Jim’s personhood and experience. Listening to Jim introduce poetry at the right moment, reinforced the lessons of the course. Through Jim’s ability to articulate and guide the dialogue that occurs throughout the process, deep experience-based learning occurred.

Finally, what was so important to the quality of the experience was Jim’s personal nature. This is a very personal course. Although this is no group therapy experience, the goals people have are heartfelt and the discussions are both practical and experience-based. Jim’s nature is one of understanding, compassion and giving. His nature made it easy to explore personal hurdles to developing a practice and living more mindfully, and to ask meaningful questions that benefitted us all. –Todd, Partner at Accounting Firm

 Jim Handlin embraces life and those he meets on his journey through this life. He lives in the moment and gives generously of his time and wisdom to those in need. It is for this reason that I chose to have Jim speak at the UBS “Giving Back to Those That Give” event.  To a room filled with New York’s biggest movers and shakers, Jim captured the audience’s attention, took them on a journey of words and ideas, and shared in their accomplishments as philanthropists and donors. At the conclusion of the event, virtually everyone at the event came up to Jim and expressed their sincere gratitude for his presentation. Many of these guests took the time to call me later. Just to say how much they enjoyed meeting Jim and hearing his presentation.

Jim’s talents and his public speaking skills transcend the common and elevate those around him. Inspirational, enlightening, and entertaining are words that approach the experience of hearing him speak. I look forward to the next time that I can have Jim present to my clients and colleagues—Rick Jenkins, CFP, Financial Advisor, USB Financial Services

If you only knew where I was a year ago…well, you would probably not believe it! A patient of mine at the internship I’m finishing up commented a few days ago that my face had changed and it was because I am becoming more PEACEFUL. It’s something I’ve striven for my whole life and obtained for brief pockets. I believe I now have the tools to possess that peace at this very moment. It’s not as elusive or as lofty as I once thought it was! I’m so excited for the future for the first time in so long, and as I’ve said, my gratitude for you and your course is etched in my heart. I’ve told many of my own patients about your course because I can see the suffering of my patients, not just the physical, but the mental and emotional and spiritual damage that my patients are carrying. As a health care practitioner I so deeply desire to give them the gift of healing! Or at least show them the door!- A.M. Physical therapist

How do I even begin? MBSR has changed my life – and enriched it. My greatest fear has always been that I’ll be full of regret – in that I’ll look back at my youth and feel I missed out Right before the course I found myself disengaging from life in a vain effort to slow things down – And in so doing I felt guilty I wasn’t accomplishing anything. Now I realized how important and easy (paradoxically easy in that it’s hard word-perhaps attainable is a better word) it is to let go and to be in the moment – to stop rushing through everything. –J.G. businessman

Last week I was passing a door at the mall, a reflective door, and I saw an image of a peaceful loving person and I thought to myself – what a pretty woman. Looking closer I recognized myself! The strange moment by moment I am learning to get back in touch with the I that is impermanent-the joy that was already there. More peace and serenity are spouting in my soul, and I am indebted to mindfulness. I could go on forever with examples! I am learning to be more accepting of the totality of my experience- the “bad” and the “good.” In turn this is helping me love myself more and to be more present and compassionate for other people. I cannot thank you enough for helping me change my life. –Physical Therapist(just received PhD in physical therapy)

 Coming to this class fulfilled my hope – that I would be able to reconnect with basic being, remembering what brought me to this work in the first place all those years ago. Thank you for your genuineness and your  kindness in bringing this vital work to people. ––C.S., neuropsychologist

 I have taken away from this course to really be in the moment. I used to worry about the future and always reexamine the past. I’ve learned to just live for the moment. Perhaps I will be a little more selfish because I plan on taking every Wed. night off to just be with myself and do things solely for myself to try and found who I am. I think the road ahead will be full of light-- G.A, attorney