MBSR Greater NYC Teachers

Our Collaborative includes a wide range of MBSR instructors active in the Greater New York area. We celebrate the diversity of our backgrounds, ranging, for example, from physicians to yoga teachers, corporate executives to 
, business-owners to lawyers, health-care professionals to teachers of various contemplative traditions. 

We have all trained to be teaching MBSR and have specific Guidelines for membership in our Collaborative, as well as a Mission Statement we invite all to read.

A number of members of the Collaborative teach courses which are open to the public. They are either independently run or hosted by a variety of institutions that have welcomed and embraced the importance of MBSR in their offerings to the general public (hospitals, clinics, community centers, yoga and fitness centers, meditation centers, etc). 
Others teach classes within the context of private programs sponsored by companies, health-care facilities, institutions or universities. These are not open to the general public, but are aimed at meeting the needs of the employees, students, patients or members of these types of organizations. Some of us teach in both these types of contexts. 

For a complete listing of up-coming classes in Greater New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey, click here.

Please note that all the teachers listed here are full members of the Collaborative as described in our Guidelines. They are practicing to the best of their ability. This said, the Collaborative as represented on this website is not a professional body empowered to certify or endorse any of these teachers or programs. Many teachers choose to be supervised by their guiding teachers within the institutions where they have studied MBSR, but the Collaborative itself does not provide this on a formal basis. If you have questions about the credentials or supervision of any of these teachers, please ask them directly.

This listing is under construction . Thank you for your patience.